Sunday, December 22, 2013

S...peachy Feedback {LINKY} Party!

So I'm very tardy for this party, but I didn't want to miss it this month. I'm joining the feedback party hosted by Nicole Allison of Speech Peeps.

I have received so much amazing feedback it was so hard narrowing it down to JUST one (or two), I didn't. This month I picked FIVE of you! Please check for your names below. If you see your name, email me ( to receive a FREE product (bundles not included). Thank you all for your support, kind words, suggestions, and encouragement! May you all have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed Holiday Season! 

Arvickery left the following feedback on my Turkey Trouble Book Companion"When I am looking at book companions, I am looking for one that targets a variety of speech/language skills. I really like how there are so many language skills specifically targeted within this packet, but there are also opportunities for targeting other skills using the open-ended activities. Thank you!"

Crissyssdslp left the following feedback on my Bear Says Thanks Book Companion - "I used this product last month with the kids. It was perfect-I loved the visuals for the sequencing activities and the answering questions sheets. It was great to have for differentiating the activities-some kids needed the visuals and some could use the sheets with no visuals. It was perfect! Thanks"

Amyespy left the following feedback on my If You Take a Mouse to the Movies Book Companion - "I love your book companions!!! Your graphics are always so cute and well done. I love that I can take one book and one packet and have everything covered from sequencing to wh questions to following directions. You cover it all. Thanks for another great product!"

Julie Fogt left the following feedback on my Bear Stays Up for Christmas Book Companion "I was so excited to purchase this product as I just recently used your Bear Says Thanks book companion. I love love love the vocabulary components of all your Bear book companions. Thank you so much for this product and for the variety of activities within the book companion!"

MsVSLP left the following feedback on my Bear Snores On Book Companion - "I've been using your book companions for some time and enjoying each one, beautiful illustrations, nice variety of activities, kids don't even realize that they "do work", thank you."

Congratulations all! Don't forget to check out the other feedback winners; head back over to the party with Allison's Speech Peeps

Saturday, December 21, 2013

App Review: Answering TherAppy plus {GIVEAWAY}

I was given the amazing opportunity to review the app: Answering TherAppy, created by Tactus Therapy Solutions. This has quickly become one of my favorite apps to use with my students who are struggling with understanding and answering questions. There is a full version ($19.99), and a LITE version (with limited content - FREE) available for download through the iTunes app store. I was given the full version to review. There are so many great features built into it; I'll try to highlight a few that I feel make it one of the most versatile question apps I've used.

1. The Tutorial/Set-Up - If you're like me, sometimes you bypass the tutorial and try to figure things out as you go, but you won't want to do that on this app. This app was created with some pretty amazing (easy to customize) features; you'll want to know how to utilize them all! The tutorial is user friendly, easy to understand, and has plenty of picture supports. You'll see exactly what each section looks like as you maneuver through set-up. There is also a great video demonstration. Click here to view.

2. The Questions - This app combines yes/no questions and wh-questions in one spot! You can even customize the questions using personal information about each user (which I have to admit is one of my MOST favorite parts). This app was also created to measure receptive and expressive responses - again, all in ONE app. (PS, The app will even notify you if you're iPad is set to mute prior to beginning...I thought that was kind of awesome. How many times have you started a session with NO sound?)

Yes/No (7 levels) - Your student will hear the question and respond with a "yes" or "no". The 7 levels include: personal questions (level 1), picture identification (levels 2-4), two semantic elements (level 5), three semantic elements (level 6), and four semantic elements (level 7).   

Wh-Questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, Which, Whose, How much, How far,  How many, and How long) - Your students will hear and/or see a question with 2-4 response (again, this can all be customized) displayed. The app will track the receptive responses on its own. In the expressive mode, you (the clinician) will select if the answer was correct, cued, or incorrect.

 If you click on "hint" at the top - it give a brief definition of what the question is looking for (e.g., "Where asks for a location.")

Personal Questions - This is one of the most amazing features of this app. You have the option of filling out a personal questionnaire for each of your students/clients (including sibling’s names, parents’ names, birth dates, hair/eye color, etc...). Questions are then formulated based on your answers. It was so funny to see my students react to the personal questions, especially when sibling's names came up! They loved it!

Higher Level Questions - Work on reading or auditory comprehension without picture support. Target semantics, comparisons and temporal relationships, or make up your own questions for any level! The ability to truly customize this app is one of its best features! 

3. Tracking Data - This is done in the "User Hub." Scores from each session are saved and graphed (which was another one of my favorite features). Data collected can then be emailed per session, or per activity to other providers (or parents) if needed. This again, is another great feature (as I know we are all data junkies). 

Tactus Therapy Solutions really took the time putting together an app that was not only user friendly, but functional, and efficient. This app was easy to maneuver through, easy to set up, and easy to use in both individual and group sessions. I don't think you'll be disappointed. To download on iTunes click here

If you'd like a chance to win this app, complete the Rafflecopter steps below to enter! Thanks to Tactus Therapy Solutions, I'll be giving-a-way TWO copies! Enjoy!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Let the countdown to winter break begin!

If you're like me you have ONE WEEK LEFT until winter break begins. I can't wait! I love this time of year, and I love hauling out all of my favorite holiday books. If you're looking for a few quick holiday themed therapy activities, I've posted some below. These will make planning for your last week of the calendar year a little easier! Enjoy and Happy Holidays from my Speech Bucket to yours!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday and Winter {FREEBIE} Linky Party!

Today I'm joining the Holiday and Winter FREEBIE linky party hosted by Lauren over at Busy Bee Speech. I know the weeks between Thanksgiving and Winter break can seem long, but hopefully some of these freebies will help you out! I've posted some of my most downloaded freebies below.

Gingerbread Baby - Mini Book Companion - This is a mini book companion created to use with the book Gingerbread Baby, by: Jan Brett. This freebie is also featured in the 2013 Teachers Pay Teachers Holiday E-Book (PreK-K Edition).

Roll and Color Winter-Themed Therapy Activities  - This is a collection of open-ended roll and color (or cover) worksheets to use during your articulation or language therapy sessions, as reinforcers, or as homework.

If You Take A Mouse to the Movies - Tree Decorating

The Mitten Sorting Activity (Animal Sorting)

For more holiday and winter themed activities click HERE to visit my store, and don't forget to head back over to Busy Bee Speech to snag more FREEBIES for this holiday season.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!