Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale PLUS Linky Party!

Did you hear? There is a HUGE site-wide sale happening on Teachers Pay Teachers this Monday and Tuesday (12/2 - 12/3). Everything in my store will be 20% off (including bundles) AND if you enter the code CYBER at check out you'll receive additional savings from TpT. Don't forget to leave feedback on previous purchases too! You'll earn credits towards your current purchases which SAVES you even more money. Awesome, right?!? You won't want to miss it! Time to empty those wish lists and fill up those carts!

Click here to check out my store. If you're looking for holiday/winter themed materials you'll want to check out some of my newer book companions below. 

Holiday Themed Book Companions

Winter Themed Book Companions

Now, for the LINKY party hosted by Jenna over at Speech Room News. SLPs are linking up to let YOU know what's in their carts. Below, I've listed some of the items that will fill my cart...

2. Speech Club Bundle (R, S, TH) from Super Power Speech 

3. Match It Quick Bundle - Later Developing Sounds from Speech Therapy with Courtney Gragg

4. Lots, and lots of clip art! 

Don't forget to head back over to Speech Room News to see what other SLPs have in their carts! Enjoy! and Happy Shopping! 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Love it & List It: Articulation Apps {LINKY}

It's that time again! Another round of Love it & List it, hosted by Jenna over at Speech Room News. This month we're posting info on our favorite articulation apps. I've listed three of my FAVORITES below. 

1. Articulation Station Pro - This app is my go to app for quick, data driven articulation sessions. I can get multiple productions, with multiple kids, in a short amount of time. I love that I can easily maneuver through the different sounds (at different levels) within one articulation group (even if every student in the group is on a different sound). The pictures are clear, and my students LOVE swiping the pictures away! :) 

2. ArtikPix Full - Again, this is another one of my go to apps for articulation sessions, especially now that you can add your own sound cards and pictures! Love it! This is another great app for working on multiple target sounds in both individual and group sessions. This is one of the first articulation apps I owned, and I still use it almost weekly! 

3. R Intensive SLP - This is my MUST HAVE app for the /r/ students on my caseload. They love it! Again, it's an app I can use in both individual sessions or in groups. If you use the Smarty Ears Therapy Center App, it will export the data gathered from your session into your Therapy Center App. Love that! 

Don't forgot to head over to Speech Room News to check out the posts from other SLPs participating in the linky party this week. 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions {plus GIVEAWAY}

I was so excited when Tatyana Elleseff of Smart Speech Therapy contacted me to be part of a materials swap. If you haven’t stopped by her store, I would highly recommend it. I chose to review her packet: The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions

This 21-page presentation covered the following information: 

  • Difference Between Damage And Impairment
  • Frontal Lobe and Executive Functions
  • How Executive Functions Affect Learning
  • What happens when executive functions are impaired
  • Symptoms of impaired executive functions
  • Association between psychiatric impairments and executive functions
  • How executive function deficits are treated in the context of speech language therapy

I loved that Tatyana started this packet off with an overview of the brain and its functions as they related to the frontal lobe, language, and executive functioning. She also had a nice piece on the differences between damage and impairment.  She defined executive functioning and gave examples of how executive functioning affects learning, and then what that might look like if executive functions were impaired.  She went into detail about what symptoms you might see in a student with executive functioning deficits. Tatyana did a nice job of touching on the different types of disorders that may be associated with deficits of executive functioning, and noted that they appear to play a role in anti-social behavior. She closed the presentation with a statement about our scope of practice, a list of considerations for treatment, and therapy suggestions. I especially love her last statement, “You may not fix it but you can make it better by teaching our clients to compensate!” And that’s what I've found with my students, providing strategies to help them compensate is key. 

Tatyana did a nice job on this packet. It was very well organized, easy to read, and research based. To check out this packet, or the many other offerings she has in her store, click HERE. She also has a giveaway posted on her site. Click HERE to stop by and enter. 

Tatyana chose to review one of my bear book companions; Bear Says Thanks. Click HERE to read her review.  For your chance to win your own copy of Bear Says Thanks, enter your information in the Rafflecopter below.  To see more of my book Thanksgiving themed books companions, click HERE to visit my TpT store. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Time for a {GIVEAWAY}!

I am truly blessed and very thankful for you all. So, since we're almost at 3,900 likes on Facebook, I think it's time for a GIVEAWAY!

Up for grabs is a Mini Bear Bundle. Included are the following Bear book companion sets:

Click here to check out these companion sets in my store. To enter, fill in the Rafflecopter Information below. Raffle ends at 12:00 am (CST) 11/11/2013.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gotta love a little Bear for the Holidays!

So, as you already know, one of my favorite authors is Karma Wilson. I LOVE her Bear series, and I always get so excited this time of year when I can pull out Bear Stays Up For Christmas; it is absolutely one of my MUST haves! I received this book as a gift from one of my Grad School Buddies (thank you Miss Allison!), and I have used it every year since. I just posted my book companion for this story on TpT. Check out the book companion preview below. Click on the link below to find it in my store (amazon affiliate link included for convenience only). As always, enjoy!

Pages 2 – 7 target story sequencing, story retell, and identifying story elements. The larger pictures (pages 2 - 3) can be used for a classroom story board, or for individual students. The smaller pictures (pages 4 -5) are included on a worksheet. The students can cut them out, sequence the story at the top, re-tell it, and take it home. Parents love to hear and see the story that you read with their kids during school! Page 6 can be used for identification and discussion of story elements, then page 7 (story frames) can be used for summary and re-tell (beginning, middle, end).  

Pages 8 – 9 target story comprehension (and identifying the types of questions being asked - what, where, who, how). The first set (page 8) asks a variety of questions without picture supports for responses. So students must think of the responses on their own (or look back in the book). The second set (page 9) was made with picture supports. Each question has a choice of three responses (1 correct; 2 foil).

Pages 10 – 13 target picture identification and matching. Name (or receptively find) the food on the first page (page 10) then cut out the pictures on the second page (page 11) and glue to the match on the previous page.  On page 12, the foods are listed by their printed name. Students find the matching picture (page 13), cut out, and glue it to the correct name on the first page (page 12).

Pages 14 – 15 target regular plurals, using items from the story. There are 12 cards (6 have single pictures “I see one__ (stocking)”; 6 have plural pictures “I see two __ (stockings).”  Have your student fill in the blank, or have your students read the complete sentence. 

Pages 16 – 17 target identifying holiday objects that are the ‘same’ vs. ‘different’.  These worksheets can be done individually, as homework, or within a small group setting.

Pages 18 – 21 target prepositions. These pages are differentiated, so you can target the same skill at different ability levels. Each page asks, “Where is Bear?” - on page 18, there are two pictures (a tree and a bear), cut out each picture and give your students auditory directions to follow (e.g., move Bear around the tree, put Bear under the tree, etc..); on page 19, the student is given a choice of two picture responses (1 correct; 1 foil); on page 20 the student is given the choice of 3 prepositions to circle to complete a sentence; on page 21 the student is asked to fill in the correct preposition (by writing their response on the blank).

Pages 22 – 23 are game boards. The first one targets following directions (If you land on__, do ___)). The second one is blank…use it for your own language and/or articulation targets!

Pages 24 – 25 target sequential directions – formulating using first, next, last. Write out the steps to decorate on the first page then, have your students decorate their trees on the second page.

Pages 26 – 27 target story vocabulary. Page 26 asks the student to match the word to its definition, and page 27 asks the student to create a complete sentence for each vocabulary word listed.

Pages 28 – 32 target formulating and identifying verb tenses (past, present, future).  Page 28 is a “verb tense” board, for instruction or group activities. Page 29 is a list of verbs found in the story – cut out, laminate, Velcro and use with the first page (page 28). For the next page (page 30), print out (or laminate) and have students write out each verb form from the verbs listed on page 29. Pages 31 and 32 can be used for your students to use each verb tense in a complete sentence. Page 31 includes a verb bank (using verbs from the story); page 32 can be used during other story activities, as it does not include a verb bank.

Pages 33 – 34 target oral and written language expression. Both pages include writing prompts. On page 33 the students are asked about holiday preparation, and on page 34 the student is asked to describe their favorite holiday decoration. 

Click here to check out this set in my TpT store! Again, I LOVE these stories, and this is a great packet to pull out right before winter break!