Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fall themes, already?!? Yep!

I try to run my therapy sessions based on themes throughout the school year. Typically, I'll start with back to school activities (getting to know you, going back to school, books, etc...), then I move into the fall themes (Halloween, leaves, cooler weather, football, Thanksgiving, hibernation), then into winter (holidays, cold weather, snowflakes, etc...), then into spring (Valentine's Day, plants, butterflies, flowers, etc...), and finally into SUMMER (beach, warm weather, vacations, swimming, etc...). I usually have a year long calendar made up - I'll try to post it later (once it's finished for this school year). I always try to coordinate my activities with my special education/regular education teachers (remember we want our activities to compliment what's happening in our students classrooms.) I've attached a link to my latest Old Lady Companion Set (To use with the book - I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, by: Alison Jackson). This is a great fall/Thanksgiving activity to do with your students after reading this book. Again, my students LOVE the Old Lady sets! I know yours will too!

**Just a little disclaimer...when I read this book to my students the old lady cries - I change it from "dies". We like the Old Lady, and she makes many more appearances during the school year! No dying allowed!**


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