Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions {plus GIVEAWAY}

I was so excited when Tatyana Elleseff of Smart Speech Therapy contacted me to be part of a materials swap. If you haven’t stopped by her store, I would highly recommend it. I chose to review her packet: The Role of Frontal Lobe in Speech and Language Functions

This 21-page presentation covered the following information: 

  • Difference Between Damage And Impairment
  • Frontal Lobe and Executive Functions
  • How Executive Functions Affect Learning
  • What happens when executive functions are impaired
  • Symptoms of impaired executive functions
  • Association between psychiatric impairments and executive functions
  • How executive function deficits are treated in the context of speech language therapy

I loved that Tatyana started this packet off with an overview of the brain and its functions as they related to the frontal lobe, language, and executive functioning. She also had a nice piece on the differences between damage and impairment.  She defined executive functioning and gave examples of how executive functioning affects learning, and then what that might look like if executive functions were impaired.  She went into detail about what symptoms you might see in a student with executive functioning deficits. Tatyana did a nice job of touching on the different types of disorders that may be associated with deficits of executive functioning, and noted that they appear to play a role in anti-social behavior. She closed the presentation with a statement about our scope of practice, a list of considerations for treatment, and therapy suggestions. I especially love her last statement, “You may not fix it but you can make it better by teaching our clients to compensate!” And that’s what I've found with my students, providing strategies to help them compensate is key. 

Tatyana did a nice job on this packet. It was very well organized, easy to read, and research based. To check out this packet, or the many other offerings she has in her store, click HERE. She also has a giveaway posted on her site. Click HERE to stop by and enter. 

Tatyana chose to review one of my bear book companions; Bear Says Thanks. Click HERE to read her review.  For your chance to win your own copy of Bear Says Thanks, enter your information in the Rafflecopter below.  To see more of my book Thanksgiving themed books companions, click HERE to visit my TpT store. 


  1. The Smart Speech Therapy review of the "Bear Says Thanks" Thanksgiving Book Companion was a great overview of the product!

  2. I would love to win this packet! I will be starting my year as an SLP in a preschool and need to start building my arsenal of materials. This will be perfect!

  3. I just bought the book so I would love this Book Companion. It looks wonderful, with such a great variety of activities!

  4. Great info. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. This packet looks awesome and I'm actually reading Bear Says Thanks this week!

  6. This would be amazing to use with my students! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  7. Can't hide truth regarding Tatyana's materials because i do not like them..... I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  8. I'll be honest, I came here to enter the drawing for Bear Says Thanks. But now that I've seen the materials offered, I might have to do some shopping! These look like great literacy based therapy activities!

  9. I really love your book companions and how comprehensive they actually are! Almost all language goals are targeted through these packets which allow me to use them with almost all of my students. It would be great to add the Bear Says Thanks unit to my therapy sessions. Thank you for your time and effort when making these materials!

  10. Thank you all for entering the giveaway (and for all of your kind words). I am so grateful for your support!