Sunday, September 22, 2013

DynaVox Mayer-Johnson PCS™ Say it Right™ - Articulation Flip Books {App Review}

This has to be one of my favorite PSC apps! Last week I wrote a review on the PCS BINGO and Memory Apps, so today I thought I'd follow up with my latest review of another one of their apps. PCS™ Say it Right™ - Articulation Flip Books. This app retails on iTunes for $9.99. Per the iTunes description - This app can be used "for single word practice with the first and third panels, phrase practice with the middle panel and use all three panels for sentence practice. As an added Bonus, the App is great for expressive and receptive language as well. Use the app to practice: Verb Tenses, Pronouns, Prepositional Phrases, Syntax, Sentence Formulation and Word Retrieval, Why/How Prediction, WH-Questions and Vocabulary Development." Click here to see this app in the app store.

When you open the app you'll see the home page (screen shot below)

Then you can touch the arrow on the right side of the screen and scroll through all of the target sounds available (The Entire World™ - AR , EAR, ER, OR, Recurrent R's and IRE, RL and Prevocalic R, R Blends, S and Z, SH and CH, K and G, TH, F and V, P and B, T and D, M and N, S, R and L Blends, and W, H and L) WHEW! A massive collection of sounds - all in one spot! Can't beat that!

Once you select your target set - you'll be taken to the very AWESOME flip book! (Screen shot below).

My students were able to quickly flip through the pages to create new sentences, or if working on single words, flip to their new word. The graphics were amazing, and my students couldn't WAIT to flip to the next card.
While this app was primarily designed with articulation in mind, I was also able to target sentence expansion, prepositions, pronouns, parts of speech, etc...So for $9.99, not too shabby. I used this app in both small groups and with individual students. Both were fairly easy to set-up (although a few of the groups took a bit more time because a few of the students were not working on the same sound - so I had to go back to the home screen, and scroll to find their sound between turns). Again, the graphics were WONDERFUL, and my students LOVED "flipping" the pages. I do wish there was a way to track data, but with all that's offered in this app - paper and pencil didn't kill me.
So, if  you're looking for an app that's quick and versatile. This is it! Check out my reviews of the PCS™ BINGO and Memory here. To purchase this app click here. **Please note: there is a FREE version of this app (with limited content), as well as a full version of this app ($9.99)**
Again, thank you to DynaVox Mayer-Johnson for providing me with a copy to review - and for providing THREE copies to my super fabulous readers! **Congratulations again to the following readers who won copies of this app last week -  Staci F, Jennifer A, and Sarah A**

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