Saturday, September 21, 2013

Love it & List it: Vocabulary {LINKY PARTY}

P-A-R-T...WHY? Because we gotta! It's time for another linky party! I'm joining Jenna over at Speech Room News to talk about some of my favorite vocabulary activities. There are lots of great resources out there to target vocabulary I've listed some of my favorites below. Enjoy.

1. Vanilla Vocabulary (as a companion to Visualizing and Verbalizing and Talkies) created by Nanci Bell and Phyllis Lindamood; published by Gander Publishing. I've used these sets for the last few years. According to the website the Vanilla Vocabulary set "develops vocabulary through imagery. Each word is defined and then is used in sentences for the student to visualize and verbalize. Space is provided for students to write their own sentences." If students have been through the V/V program, they typically do well visualizing the vocabulary from this set. There are two books in this series (level 1 - primary level words for grades 1-3; and level 2 intermediate level words for grades 4-8). I also use the two read a long books that come with this set - "Ivan - King of the Neighborhood" and "Ivan Sleeps Over". These books expose the student to the vocabulary in context in V/V (high-imagery) text.

2. Vocabulary Worksheets - I love using story books and text books (especially my older students) when ever I can. I'll have the student read with me, and if we find a word that we don't know, or we need more information on, we'll grab a vocabulary worksheet.  There are several worksheets I've used in the past, the one I'm currently using asks the student to: write the word, use it in a sentence, find it's part of speech, define it or draw it, and find synonyms and antonyms for the word. See sheet below - grab the freebie from my TpT store here.

3. Flip Flap Definition Books - I picked these up during the last TpT BTS sale from Speech2u. Click here to check them out  My students love these!

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