Friday, August 23, 2013

Love it & List it: Organization

Speech Room News is hosting another linky! This week SLP Bloggers, participating in the linky, are talking about organization. Below are a few things I use to keep myself organized (as best I can!)

1. Monthly Planner - I start getting my planner ready at the beginning of August. I write IEP dates, re-eval dates, training dates (all color coded by event).

2. Plastic Storage Containers - All Kinds! I have tubs, shoe box sized containers, book holders (on my book shelf), and small (deck of card-sized) containers on my filing cabinet. My newest addition, this year, are my small stackable ones on my filing cabinet. They are cute, stackable, and easily accessible during my speech sessions. I printed out labels for the outside of each and I am in LOVE with them! I've filled them with my most used speech decks.


3. Label Maker - as you can see from some of my pictures above, I label everything. So I love my label maker!

4. Binders - I have a data binder, a forms binder, a team name it - it's probably in a binder! I try to make sure all of my binders are ready to go before the first day of school. It truly makes my life a little easier!

LAST, but not least....

5. Coffee! A trip to Starbucks helps me organize my whole world a bit better. Non-fat Peppermint Mocha no whipcream is the perfect start to ANY day!  

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  1. haha COFFEE is a must! I need a book box (or twelve!) THanks for linking up!


  2. I love your last organizational tip! I'm more of a caramel macchiato with soy girl...until the pumpkin spice comes out!

  3. Where did you get those card holders.

    1. I got them at Office Depot. The brand is "Super Stacker" and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

  4. Like the binder idea! How do you have your team binder organized?

    1. I have a section for meeting agendas (we typically meet one to two times per month), student data sheets (each of the students brought to team have a comprehensive data sheet), and my assignments (this is where I keep the observations, data sheets, and screeners for each of the students I've been assigned to. I also keep track of any additional actions needed in this section). Each time we meet, I just grab the binder and go!