Thursday, August 22, 2013

Moving up the articulation ladder (with a little bit of crafting)

I love the look of clip charts. I wanted to incorporate one in my speech room but, I wanted a chart that targeted something other than "behavior".  So, I decided to turn my clip chart into an Articulation Ladder!

I started with this (and some card stock)...
and ended up with this!
I love it (and I'm sure my students will LOVE it too)! I printed out each articulation level (Syllable Sets, Words, Phrases, Sentences, Reading Tasks, Conversation) on a sheet of card stock (cut and laminated), hung each sheet together with small silver book rings (through holes made with my handy hole punch), tied a ribbon to the top, hung it on a hook, and before I knew it...Articulation Ladder complete! Then I took clothes pins and wrote (with multi-colored sharpies) each student's name and the sound they are targeting on the pin. If they were targeting more than one sound, I made more than one pin.  Beside the chart,  I have two small silver containers. One says "sounds"  - this is for holding the pins of students who have just started a new sound and are not yet consistent at the isolation level.  The other says "GRADUATES!" - this is for students who have completed their journey up the ladder!
I posted a freebie on my TpT site with a few different versions of this chart. It really is the perfect addition to any speech room! Check it out! (Don't forget to leave feedback if you download. I appreciate it, and I LOVE reading it all!) **If you'd like a smaller chart just adjust the print size before printing in pdf. Hit print, go down to "page sizing and handling", click "custom scale" then enter a percentage (if you'd like it smaller pick a percentage smaller than 100).**


  1. This is wonderful! Thank you! I have been looking for a way to have my kiddos see how they are progressing! This is so visual for them! We start our second week of school next week and I cannot wait to use this!

    1. So glad you like it! I'm sure your student's will love it. My students were so excited to get their pins this week! Enjoy!