Sunday, June 16, 2013

Let's talk a little about ESY data!

Okay friends! This is blog number one and as you can tell from the lack of content on this site, I'm new to this so please be easy on me. ESY is in full swing this time of year (at least for us here), and I'm constantly searching for new and better ways to track the ESY data for our students. I've attached a link to the data sheet I tend to use. It's quick, simple, and has all of the info I need to get my ESY files completed (e.g., ESY Progress Reports, and Medicaid). Our ESY period is four weeks (typically just the month of June). I usually select one (or two) goals for each of my students and begin tracking data the first week of ESY. I usually gather data twice a week for each students I'm seeing. So, by the end of the ESY period I will have eight data points to analyze. I then pull this form out again during the first 9-weeks back (typically before mid September) to document if any regression has occurred. Would love to hear how you all track your ESY data. 


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