Sunday, June 23, 2013

Who said pushing buttons was a bad thing?

Yep, here's another articulation pack, but this one is geared towards our older students (my 5th grade boys would KILL me if I had them working articulation with strawberry shortcake!) This is 11 pages of button pushing articulation activities. I use these sets with my older students (grades 3-5), so I’ve left the target sound cards blank (you pick the target sounds and either you or your student fill them in).

Pages 2 – 5 targets sounds at the syllable level in all positions of a syllable set (initial (CV), medial (VCV), and final (VC)). I would recommend printing these pages on heavy cardstock and laminating…you’ll want to use them with all of your students! The student places their sound card (page 5) over the large button (hashed out) on the syllable practice sheet. Then the student can use a marker (different colors for multiple productions) and/or their finger to slide to the vowel (or vice versa if targeting VC, or VCV). Again, the student can write in their target sound, or you can have them filled in before your students even step foot in the door.

Pages 6 – 9 targets sounds at the single word level. Again, you can print these out, laminate them, and use dry-erase and/or over-head projector pens (I think these wipe off better) to color in the round buttons and write in the words for each production. Again, these are blank, so you pick the target sound, and find words with your student! These are also great homework sheets…”see how many NEW words you can find with your target sound.”

Page 10 targets sounds in phrases and sentences. Again, you can print these out, laminate them, keep a classroom set, and/or print and give each student their own sheets. I’ve given you a phrase and sentence starter, and a blank spot to see how many sentences you can make up using your single words (from the previous pages) in sentences.

Page 11 is a sentence and/or introduction into conversational carry-over activity. The student draws a picture (including their target words and/or sounds) and/or writes a story (or gives you a sentence) to talk about in the speech rooms!
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