Thursday, June 20, 2013

Okay, so I'm a little obsessed with creating new materials!

I have not gone on a mad materials creation binge since grad school (and boy have I missed it). Today I remembered why I spent HOURS slaving away on my "pretty" projects. I absolutely LOVE it! (For all of you who went to grad school with me, I'm sure you remember how HORRIBLE I was at just "throwing" something together. Oh no, it had to be pretty!) I have TONS of great speech and language activities I've used with my students over the years that I'd love to share. But like you, the pictures I use come from various sites (e.g., google images), and while I don't PURPOSEFULLY infringe on copyright laws...I don't want to throw all my stuff out on the Internet just to get hauled off to the poky. So, I've got some LEGAL speech and  language lessons coming soon! Keep an eye out!


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